Single Event Ratings - will your event accept them?

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Clubs are already applying to accept Spinlock IRC Single Event Ratings (SERs) in 2016 - see the list so far.   

Event Organisers- if you would like to increase entries by accepting SERs, please look at the details and apply as soon as possible so that we can include your event on the list!

Sailors - is there an event you would like to enter with an SER but it is not yet approved?  Why not talk to the event organiser and ask them to apply.

Single Event Rating information

SER Notice October 2016

Following analysis of statistics and receipt of feedback from clubs, it has been decided that from 1/1/2017 the Spinlock IRC Single Event Rating will only be offered to the following events:

Round the Island Race
Cowes Week
Panerai British Classic Week
Little Britain Challenge Cup

The reasoning behind this is shown in the SER Report to the GBR IRC Committee September 2016  In addition, feedback received from Clubs has suggested that some owners feel that SER is not good value for money, and it has not had as positive effect on event entries as was hoped.

We realise that some Clubs may feel disenfranchised by this decision, and where appropriate we would be happy to discuss use of our Start Up scheme to encourage more IRC racers in your club or area. Using Start Up rather than SER benefits clubs longer term, as boats that may not otherwise take part in club racing will receive a full IRC rating certificate (at a discounted cost) which is valid for any IRC club racing, open or inter-club events during the year, so boosting entries.

Start Up has proved very successful in the last couple of years, notably at Weymouth SC and the Royal Dart YC. The key to a thriving Start Up scheme is a dedicated, enthusiastic individual in the club who is willing and able to help owners with getting data together and co-ordinating applications.

If you are interested in finding out more please see
Email: Charlene Jackson

Download PDF of this notice

SER - information for event organisers

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Do some people who enter your event only compete in one or two events a year using IRC? Then you may attract more entrants by accepting IRC SERs for the event.

What is it?

A Single Event Rating (SER) is designed for owners of boats of 22m or smaller, who may be thinking twice about getting an IRC certificate because they only wish to do one or two events a year; perhaps a one day event such as the Round the Island Race, an annual regatta week or one or two of the IRC Championships (note it is not available for a series over several weekends).

What is required by us as a Club, and is an IRC SER compatible with normal IRC ratings?

You will need to apply to the Rating Office to be approved to include SER entries in your event, the formr is available on the SER page. An SER is totally compatible with other IRC TCCs and calculated in exactly the same way. However, a certificate is not issued, and the TCC will not appear in online listings.

How will we know what the boats rate?

You can either ask the owners for a copy of their SER Datasheet which will show the rating and validity dates, or ask the Rating Office for a list shortly before the event, this will show SERs for all the boats that have applied for a rating for your event.

It sounds good. Is it right for our event?


- Your event does not require Endorsed (measured) certificates for all classes (if it is required for some classes then those will not be eligible)

- Entrants are generally no longer than 22m Hull Length

- You accept the limitations as explained in the Terms & Conditions


- If all classes in your event need an Endorsed (measured) certificate. (If only some classes require Endorsement these can be excluded from approval)

- The event is aimed primarily at boats longer than 22m Hull Length

- If the event is a series run over several weekends

If you are not sure whether your event would be eligible, please give us a call.

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