2012 RORC Rating News

Ocean Safety IRC - Notes and reminders regarding sails

Sail data requests

Sail sizes are among many rated parameters that are checked when we get new applications & revalidations.

On occasion the sail data may be flagged up as possibly erroneous; this often applies to headsail widths now that we are using the actual sizes rather than default data.

In these circumstances it is not unusual for the Rating Office to ask for confirmation from yourself or your sail maker, so please do not take personal offence if we contact you – and it may well be beneficial for your rating!

Another issue is that we are often given design data, which may be different to the data we get when the sails are actually measured. You may need to get a certificate based on design sail data through necessity of time, but bear in mind that the finished sail sizes may not be exactly the same. If your certificate needs to be Endorsed then the sail will need to be officially measured, but even if you do not need Endorsement it is the owner’s responsibility to check that the sail complies with the IRC certificate.

Have you had new sails?

You have a current certificate, Endorsed or not, and you get some new sails.   You order them to exactly the same size as on your current or last valid certificate, so you don’t have to declare them, right? WRONG!

One possibly example is that when revalidating an IRC certificate, the question about any changes having been made to the boat is answered as ‘No’, rather than declaring that new sails have been bought or ordered to the same size as before.

Any new sails that will be the largest used when racing must be declared, even if they are designed to be the same size as the last valid IRC certificate. If your certificate is Endorsed then those new sails must be officially measured by someone approved by your Rule Authority.

For clarification on any of these points, please contact the RORC Rating Office on  or telephone 01590 677030