Getting the measure of you in 2013 with Spinlock IRC incentives

For 2013 the RORC Rating Office is offering two extra Spinlock IRC incentives, for owners having their boat weighed by a RORC measurer, and those buying a boat that holds a current IRC certificate.

British boat owners who hold a 2013 Spinlock IRC certificate, and who have their boat weighed by a RORC measurer in the UK, will this year have the certificate amendment fee deducted from their invoice. For a 10m boat this equates to a saving of up to £44.  In addition, the RORC Rating Office has held this year's weighing and measurement fees at 2012 levels, providing even better value for owners.

Although official weighing and measurement is not required for Spinlock IRC unless you need an Endorsed certificate (where the data has been officially verified), many owners like to take advantage of the service to ensure that the data on their IRC certificate is as accurate as possible.

The Terms & Conditions are available to read HERE

Added value for new GB owners

If you have just bought a boat that has a 2013 Spinlock IRC certificate, the RORC Rating Office wants to encourage you to retain the rating and enjoy some IRC racing this season. Remember, though that when a boat with a valid certificate changes hands, the Spinlock IRC certificate is invalidated and must be re-registered in the new owner's name.  Re-registration usually costs from £4.80 per metre LH (hull length) but in 2013, the fee for British owners to re-register a current, valid certificate will be just £1.00 per metre LH- that is just £10 for a 10m boat.  In addition, you can make data changes at the same time for no extra cost.

You can check whether the boat has a current certificate by looking at the online listing, and the form to apply for re-registration is available HERE.

To contact the RORC Rating Office about either of these offers, or to arrange to have your boat weighed or measured, please call 01590 677030 or e-mail .

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