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GBR IRC Regional Championships

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Recommendations for Clubs wishing to host a GBR IRC Regional Championship:

  1. Clubs must apply to the GBR IRC Committee to host an IRC Regional Championship. The application form (available HERE or from ) includes various questions, and responses to these will be considered by the Committee to help them make a decision. It is recognised that some information may be provisional, but please complete it as fully as possible. Please see the form for information on deadlines for applications.
  2. It is preferred that the event be part of an existing local regatta rather than a separate event, particularly in areas where there are already several IRC regattas. This is to prevent fragmentation of fleets and support existing events.
  3. It is recommended that where several potential clubs in an area are interested in running a Regional Championship, discussions are held within the region prior to clubs applying.
  4. It is acceptable for a Regional Championship to consist of a series of events; the requirements and recommendations below would apply to each event that is part of the championship.

Requirements for approved events:

  1. The IRC logo and website address www.rorcrating.com shall be included on event documentation. The logo is available in various formats from the Rating Office on request (see also the 'IRC logo' paragraph below).
  2. It is a requirement that competitors are invited to complete online feedback on the Rating Office website after the event. The direct link will be supplied once set up for the season,  and responses will be circulated to Regional Championship organisers as well as the GBR IRC Committee.

Recommendations for approved events:

  1. There are no specific requirements for additions to the Notice of Race or Sailing Instructions; however the Rating Office strongly recommends that race organisers read the ‘Notes for Race Organisers’ (NFRO) which can be found in the IRC Yearbook and at http://www.ircrating.org/race-organisation/race-management.
  2. It is specifically recommended that a mixture of course types is offered as outlined in point 5. of the NFRO, to cater for different types of design, so that one type does not dominate because of favourable course types (eg. all windward/leeward or predominantly reaching)
  3. It is NOT a requirement that GBR IRC Regional Championships require certificates to be Endorsed; see also 2.7 of the NFRO.
  4. It is acceptable for IRC Limited Validity (LV) TCCs to be used, but note that these can not be Endorsed. If an event wishes to include LV TCCs then it must apply to the Rating Office for approval, see http://www.rorcrating.com/lv-tcc  

Event promotion:

  1. One list of owner names/addresses/e-mail addresses is available free of charge from the Rating Office for the purpose of promoting the Regional Championship.  Please contact to arrange to be sent the list.

Press Releases:

We will send out a press release at the beginning of the season, summarising the different championships that are on.

If you intend to send out related PR, I would appreciate it if you could please:

a) let Jenny Howells know in advance (contact details below) 
b) ensure that RORC Rating Office contact details are included (for instance a link to www.rorcrating.com)
c) use the full name Spinlock IRC when referring to the rating system.
IRC Logo:

You may use the Spinlock IRC logo (unmodified apart from re-sizing) on any paperwork/website relating to Spinlock IRC events.  If you have sponsorship contracts that preclude publishing other sponsors names then you may use the plain IRC logo.  The Spinlock version is available HERE, or contact us to get it or the plain version by email.

Social Media:

Jenny Howells looks after the Rating Office and IRC social media (Facebook and Twitter), and would be interested to hear if your event is linked to a Twitter name or Facebook page (or more than one!), so that she can follow any announcements and share them.

Our Twitter feeds are @RORCrating and @IRCrating and facebook pages http://www.facebook.com/rorcrating and http://www.facebook.com/ircrating.  

The hashtag #IRCchamp will be used for any tweets relating to IRC Regional / National Championships.

Please let Jenny know if there is anything we can do to help in relation to the publicity for your event, for instance sharing links to specific website pages etc.

Competitor Feedback:

The online Competitors' Feedback Survey will be published on www.rorcrating.com well before the first event, and the direct link will be sent to Championship organisers to be sent on to competitors.

Contact:   Jenny Howells (Technical Manager) via  or phone 01590 677030 

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