spinlock irc logo 160x109An open letter from the RORC Technical Director

Dear Club Secretary or Regatta Organiser

If your club uses the IRC rating system to provide competitive racing for your fleet, you will already be aware of the advantages of running a club series and/or open events under this International Rule.  

As a simple, straightforward rating rule that is recognised by competitors to produce fair and equitable racing, IRC allows both local and visiting boats to compete with their existing rating – no need for upsetting owners with local handicapping – while initiatives such as the Limited Validity IRC TCC encourage entries from more casual competitors.  From a race organiser's point of view, IRC racing is easy to administer and results can be calculated using any of the main scoring programmes, or even a simple spreadsheet!

Support IRC and encourage entries

I believe that Clubs and IRC share the same values of getting boats on the water sailing, well run events and the provision of fun and fair racing, and I am keen that these shared values be continued well into the future.  To this end, and as part of RORC's  efforts to promote IRC,  I am contacting  regatta organisers to suggest that when writing or signing off press releases and regatta reports that you mention that your event will be, is being, or was raced under IRC in the main body of the press release. 

Why are we suggesting this? Plainly, it will be good PR for IRC, but just as importantly it will be good PR for your event now, and in the future; owners are more likely to want to enter your event if they know that it is raced under IRC.  Do please help to promote it.

It's good for IRC and therefore good for your regatta!

If we can help you or your competitors in any way with your event, please get in touch with the RORC Rating Office by telephone on 01590 677030, or email .

Our PR consultant, Peta Stuart-Hunt | PR Works www.prworksuk.com can be contacted at:  


Mike Urwin | Technical Director
RORC Rating Office
01590 677030