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2017 has been an extremely successful season for IRC with many IRC events at club and regional level culminating in events such as the IRC Europeans, Maxi Rolex Cup and the hugely popular 2017 Fastnet Race. However, IRC is not just about the high profile racing classes and events and we continue to support and encourage racing under IRC at club and regional level. The RORC Rating Office have reviewed the IRC pricing structure for 2018 IRC applications and has introduced an intermediate length range in the certificate pricing structure. The strategy behind this change is to keep the cost lower for boats under LH 12.00m (approx 39 ft) to encourage IRC take-up and participation at the club level.


This will result in a lower than inflation % price increase in 2018 for boats up to 12.00m compared with bigger boats in a new middle band of 12.00-17.99m and the existing 18.00m+ band. In addition we will no longer be charging credit card fees on IRC applications through the RORC Rating Office. This structure will be seen across all applications.

We will also continue to offer re-registration (change of ownership on a current certificate) at a low rate to encourage new owners to continue IRC racing.

Download the IRC 2018 fee information


(image: Paul Wyeth/RORC  www.pwpictures.com