Updated April 2018

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GBR IRC Owners' Association Constitution

Chairman (elected September 2017):  Mel Sharp  

Vice Chairman (elected September 2017): Michael Webster   

Full members and co-opted members (the Rating Office will supply contact details on request)

Peter Wykeham-Martin
Andrew Pearce (Poole & RORC)
Andy Hill (JOG)
Barrie J Martin (Classics)
Stephen Parry
Des Balmforth (Scotland)
Richard Babbe (Channel Islands)
Stephen Tudor (Wales)
Terry Hunt (Sunsail/sailing schools)
Nick Jones (Solent)
Rob McClean (Sussex)
John Stewart (N.Ireland) co-opted
Phil Hagen (Cowes Combined Clubs) co-opted
Chris Brown co-opted

Representatives of organisations:

RYA: Jack Fenwick
RORC: Eddie Warden-Owen, Chris Stone, Janet Grosvenor

Honorary members:

Frank Reed
Paul King (past Chairman)
Andy Hill (past Chairman)
Ian Macdonald (past Chairman)