Over the last six months or so we have seen some changes in the RORC Rating Office staff and I'm sure some of you get rather confused about who is doing what, so we thought it time for a quick update!

During 2008 we realised that the ever increasing IRC workload required an additional team member to take some pressure off the existing staff. This coupled with Emma Cary announcing her pregnancy prompted the employment of an additional Rating Secretary Caroline Aubrey-Fletcher, who joined us in December to work on IRC ratings.  As well as handling a proportion of the GBR boats, she is also the first point of contact for many of the overseas Rule Authorities.  Meanwhile Faith Walshe (soon to be Lawson!) continues as Rating Secretary and deals mainly with GBR boats. 

In January 2009 our part-time administrator decided to move on, and we converted the post to full-time, employing Emma Corden in February.   Emma is the first contact in the office and looks after the daily accounts, sail numbers and loadcells.  All application forms for GBR boats should be e-mailed to Emma in the first instance, at our info(at)rorcrating.com address

Emma Cary left us on maternity leave in early August 2008, and gave birth to son Harrison two weeks later! After 9 months of maternity leave Emma has just returned to get some part-time peace and quiet, working Mondays and Thursdays, and Tuesday mornings at home (e-mail only).   Emma is handling some of the overseas countries' IRC, as well as MOCRA ratings for multihulls.

In January 2009, with the development of the new websites and other IT issues, Jenny Howells who used to deal with all the overseas Rule Authorities had to delegate many of these to other staff to create more time.  Regarding IRC, Jenny now specifically deals with the USA, IRL, AUS and NZL ratings, and oversees IRC technical issues generally; at the same time her title changed to Technical Manager to reflect her broader role in the office.

Carole Abbott remains as Office Manager which includes overseeing the accounts; James Dadd continues as Chief Measurer, spending much of the first part of 2009 absent from the office on Volvo Ocean Race business. Finally, Mike Urwin continues to head up the team as Technical Director.