Keel failure, capsize, and loss of one crew member from the Max Fun 35 yacht Hooligan V 10 miles south of Prawle Point on 3 February 2007

The Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) have now completed and published their report into the above. The complete report may be found on their website at:

The report identifies a number of safety issues and makes several recommendations. These include that the RORC draws the attention of RORC members and yacht owners to the following safety issues identified in the investigation report:

· The need to rigorously follow the standards selected for design criteria, especially where those include Safety Factors.

· The importance of referring to original and revised drawings when considering modifications to ensure that proposals will not compromise safety.

· The need for quality systems to be in place to properly check the product against the design criteria.

· The importance of examining keels for signs of fatigue cracking, especially where hollow steel fabricated steel keels are fitted, and to consider using non-destructive examination techniques whenever there is doubt about the integrity of the appendage.

Additionally, attention is drawn to the following comment on page 7 of the Recreational Craft Sectorial Group (RSG) Guidelines 2007:

· “RSG urges the industry and Notified Bodies to use EN Standards”.

Hooligan V held an IRC certificate issued by the RORC Rating Office and from time to time participated in RORC races. Neither the RORC Rating Office nor RORC accept any responsibility for the seaworthiness of a boat raced under IRC or participating in any RORC races.