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Seahorse July 2016 - scoring options

Seahorse July 2016
James Dadd

Over the years there have been many rating rules. I include the likes of the International Rule, on which the meter classes developed as level rating classes, the RORC and CCA rules, leading onto IOR, CHS, IMS and the current crop of rules. That is just the internationally seen rules, there are many more around each country and even neighbouring clubs around the world. The vast majority rely on a single number scoring system. But several have tried multiple systems throughout the last 30 years. There have been some dramatic failures in this area, and some success.

The interesting thing is that most sailors are happy with the advantages of a single number, in knowing where you are on the virtual race course without having to consult your tablet and assume that the Race Committee is seeing the same information as you. Being able to cross the finish line and already know where on the score board you sit is always preferred. But some feel that the multiple scoring options give an additional level to the accuracy. This is something that we have continually monitored over the years to ensure that we give all competitors the full range of options they wish for. For example, there is a very simple calculation so that Race Committees can chose between time on time or time on distance scoring under IRC. We are currently asking whether event organisers want this printed on the certificate as well as the ToT default approach.

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Image: RORC/Paul Wyeth 

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Seahorse May 2016 - the majority fleet

Seahorse Magazine May 2016
by James Dadd

I read Rob Weiland’s piece in the last edition with interest and some confusion. I have known Rob ever since the late 1980s when building IOR One Tonners with him as the owner’s rep. We have not always agreed, so I am not surprised that we don’t agree this time either. However, I do see where he is coming from, and prior to being involved day in, day out in the running of a Rating Office I probably had similar views. 

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Copy certificate policy


New price from 1st January 2016

A fee is charged for IRC copy certificates to reflect the information being supplied. Limitations are imposed to protect IRC from abuse and reverse-calculation, and this therefore helps protect existing boats from obsolescence.

Please note the following policy regarding the number and cost of copy certificates (per year):

First 10 copies £12 each (ex VAT)
Further 10 copies £50 each (ex VAT)
Further 10 copies £100 each (ex VAT)

No further copies will be permitted.

No more than 5 copies of any single design class will be allowed.

The RORC Rating Office reserves the right to alter this policy at any time at its entire discretion.

Certificates can be ordered through MyIRC  (registration required)

Seahorse March 2016 - Fast 40+ for One Ton Cup?

Seahorse Magazine March 2016
by James Dadd

I read with interest the editors piece in the copy of Seahorse that was the first piece of post through the front door in January. I sense the frustration in Andrew’s keyboard, and have both sympathy and some agreement. However, I think that is one of the biggest issues; no one seems to agree on the best event for that great trophy. We all have ideas, and all think they are the best solution, but they all vary. I agree with Andrew that you can’t create an event worthy of the Admiral’s Cup of old, it has to evolve. But where from? That is the area we all have different views on, and any event started with the intention of becoming the Admiral’s Cup in a few years is doomed from the start in my opinion. I believe that the event has to present itself as the obvious choice over time, not be created for that purpose.

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Seahorse Magazine articles


The IRC Rating Rule has a page in Seahorse Magazine every two months, usually written by the Director of the Rating Office.  Seahorse has kindly agreed to the article text being published here, a couple of months after publication in their magazine.

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