"I have a boat that has never been IRC rated before, OR I have a boat that has not held an IRC/CHS certificate in the last two years"

You will need to complete a New Application form.  (We may also ask for this for certificates that have lapsed for more than a couple of years, depending on the design, because the questions on the form change, and it is in your interests to make sure that all the information is up-to-date.)

Single Event Rating (GBR boats only) formerly LV TCCPlease look at the SER section to check that a Single Event Rating is what you need, and that it will be accepted for the event you are entering.  If so, then see the notes for new applications below. 

If your boat is an IRC approved one-design and complies with its Class Rules, and the design appears on the list on the OD application form, then you can complete this simplified form (remember to save it to your computer first):  OD new application (2015) (Excel)

New application

1. Arm yourself with a cup of coffee (or beverage of choice) and perhaps a box of chocolate truffles; we recommend saving the alcohol until after you have completed and submitted the form!

2. Download the current New application form (2015) OR SER application form and save it to your computer before starting to complete it.

3. You may wish to use the worksheet in the IRC Yearbook (or print it from the website) to collect the data.

4. If you want to check quickly whether we hold standard hull data for your boat's design: http://www.ircrating.org/images/stories/pdf/irc_std_hulls_web.xls

5. Take your time, and make sure you haven't missed anything vital. Use the red-tabbed 'validation' sheet on the form as a quick check of missing items or possible errors. 

6. Apply through MyIRC and attach the completed form when prompted.

MAC Users
The Excel application form is in Windows 2003 format. Unless you have 'Windows for Mac' installed, the form may not read or perform fully, and the information we require will be incomplete. Therefore if you are using a Mac, please contact the Rating Office on 01590 677030 before downloading or completing a form.

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