Late Season IRC discount offered by the RORC Rating Office

Because of annual program development, all IRC certificates have to be renewed each year, so cannot run for 12 months from the time of application. To spread the cost of running IRC and its development evenly over the fleet, the cost of the certificate is the same no matter when in the year you apply. However, if you don’t need a certificate until late in the season don’t be put off by the cost - the RORC Rating Office offers a late season discount.

The 50% discount applies to new applications and revalidations for boats in GBR, or which are rated through other RORC Rule Authorities, for certificates issued during the last 3 months of the certificate year.

For Jan-Dec certificates the discount starts on 1st September, and for Jun-May certificates the discount starts on 1st March*.

For GBR boats the MyIRC application portal will automatically apply the 50% discount to relevant applications.

*We administer two overlapping ‘certificate years’ to suit the racing seasons in different areas of the world. The ‘North’ year (for generally northern hemisphere) runs from January to December, while the ‘South’ year (for generally southern hemisphere) runs 5 months later from June to May.


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