Information for Designers

Updated 5/1/18

IRC's Design Trial service is available for designs still on the drawing board, and applications may be sent direct from the designer to the Rating Office (or UNCL for designers in their 'catchment' area). As soon as the boat is launched it is no longer a design trial and must apply for a valid certificate.

IRC and Design trial policy

Design trial fees & forms:

Initial trial (01)  50% of the fee quoted on the new application form  (ex VAT.   VAT applies to UK design offices)

Please request an application form from the Rating Office.

When sending the application please attach the following design drawings:

- Profile including appendages
- Sail plan
- Accommodation GA
Subsequent trials (02-06)  Fee as calculated on the trial form (ex VAT.   VAT applies to UK design offices)
Please request the current Trial form from the Rating Office (only give data that differs from trial 01) and attach drawings if any changes are being made to hull, appendages, rig configuration or interior.
If you have any questions about running Design Trials please contact us: