The beady-eyed among you may have noticed some odd things printed in the IRC 2014 Yearbook.  We apologise to those affected and here are the correct details:

On page 14 the RORC Easter Challenge results were printed in place of the RORC IRC National Championship results which should read:

IRC 0   Pace   TP 52   Johnny Vincent
IRC 1  Magnum IIi  Ker 40  Andrew Pearce
IRC 2  Beelzebuth 3  Grand Soleil 40  Olivier Pesci
IRC 3  Bengal Magic  J 35  James Chalmers
IRC 4  Induljence  J 97  Nick & Adam Munday
On page 15, the picture of Strait Dealer should show the J.P.K. 10.10, not the J/125.
On page 25 the IRC rating for Premier Flair should read 1.071.