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A network of GBR IRC representatives whose role is to help and encourage new and existing IRC owners, and offer advice on the use of IRC within their club and/or region, is being put in place by the RORC Rating Office in Lymington, Hampshire under the direction of Technical Director Mike Urwin.

The Rating Office's intention is that GBR IRC Advocates will become the focal point for IRC questions in their local area, answering queries relating to IRC or directing these to the central advisory team at the Rating Office. Advocates won't have jurisdiction in any dispute or any role in the interpretation of IRC Rules, and they will not necessarily be measurers; however, measurers may be Advocates.

"We are looking for more individuals around the country who are willing and able to help owners, sailors and clubs unfamiliar with IRC to act as Advocates and answer the myriad of IRC-related queries that crop up," says Mike Urwin. 

He envisages Advocates providing advice on and answers to:

  • IRC rating applications and procedure queries
  • Questions relating to IRC Rules and responding to misconceptions
  • The trial and amended certificates systems and how these work
  • Measurement issues (but not necessarily actual physical measurement)
  • Helping Clubs promote and simplify IRC to their members

It is not expected that an Advocate will necessarily be able to offer detailed advice in every case. They are acting as the conduit to appropriate sources of information at or via the Rating Office.

If you think you can help, please look at the further information on the RORC Rating website HERE or contact RORC Rating Office:  Email or telephone 01590 677030.

Peta Stuart-Hunt www.prworksuk.com / J Howells RORC