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IRC: Spinnakers & Poles explained

Easter2016 PWyeth 1The RORC Rating Office is sometimes asked whether symmetric and asymmetric spinnakers are rated differently in IRC, and whether there is a rating increase if you use both types. The question is often prompted by the application form asking questions about the spinnakers of each type carried aboard, rather than just the spinnaker area (SPA) and total number of spinnakers. There are two aspects of downwind sail rating: the sail itself and the type of pole (if any) on which it is set - as explained in the downloadable PDF below.



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Do I need to have my boat weighed & measured?

no weighingDo I need to have my boat weighed & measured?

No, IRC is a self-measurement system and we also hold standard hull data for hundreds of production designs. There is thus no general requirement for an owner to have the boat officially measured or weighed unless either he chooses to do so, or his Rule Authority (ie. his local IRC body) and/or an Organising Authority for a race requires official measurement, generally resulting in an endorsed IRC certificate.

To arrange to have your boat weighed and measured please contact your local Rule Authority with details of the boat, they will let you know what is required and put you in touch with the local measurer. For boats in the UK this is the RORC Rating Office  tel 01590 677030

Weighing cancellation policy

Cancellation of weighing at short notice:  If you cancel your weighing appointment a Late Cancellation Fee may apply.  This will be charged at £40.00 if cancellation takes place within 48 hours of the appointment. Additionally, the carriage charges for delivery and return of the weighing equipment will apply if it has been dispatched before notice of cancellation is received.

When contacted to weigh or measure your boat our Measurers make arrangements which can determine that they take time away from employment to engage in your appointment.  Please contact your Measurer or the RORC Rating Office to notify of your cancellation as soon as is practicably possible.

If you have any queries please contact the Rating Office.

RORC weighing loadcells - see them in action!

RORC measurers use high quality loadcell equipment for weighing IRC boats, supplied by industry leaders Dynamic Load Monitoring (DLM). This equipment is owned by Seahorse Rating Ltd and the loadcell fee we charge goes towards the costs of regular calibration and maintenance, as well as transport of the loadcells around the country.

Recently DLM made a short video while RORC Measurer Patrick Pym was weighing a yacht in Hamble:

Dynamic Load Monitoring video

Weighing - amendment offer

British boat owners who hold a current Spinlock IRC certificate, and who have their boat weighed by a RORC measurer in the UK, will have the certificate amendment fee deducted from their invoice. 

Although official weighing and measurement is not required for Spinlock IRC unless you need an Endorsed certificate (where the data has been officially verified; weighing is usually optional for production designs), many owners like to take advantage of the service to ensure that the data on their IRC certificate is as accurate as possible.

Terms & Conditions

a)        Only GBR boats holding a full IRC curren tcertificate (not SER) are eligible.

b)        Boats weighed overseas by a RORC measurer are not eligible.

c)         If a boat is weighed more than once in the season, this offer only applies to the first weighing

d)        Where the amendment fee is paid in advance, the amount will be deducted from the weighing invoice. 

e)         If the amended certificate is needed within 5 working days of the application, necessitating an Expedited amendment fee, the amount refunded will be the standard fee.

To contact the Rating Office about this offer or to arrange weighing or measurement please call 01590 677030 or e-mail

March 2015

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