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2010 RORC Rating News

[Extract from Poolside issue 10/05 1 June 2010]

Common confusions 11:  Certificate processing times - help us to help you!

Not a technical common confusion as we normally include, but nevertheless an issue which causes some discussion!

The Rating Office recognises that it is here as a service to yacht owners, and others involved in yacht racing, and we pride ourselves on getting boats on to the start-line of their race or event with a correct, valid rating certificate.  Each year, we process around 6500 certificates for 4600 boats in 25 countries, so as you can imagine things get a little hectic at peak times!

Our application forms generally state ‘allow 28 days for processing', although it is rare for it to take this long unless an application gets held up with queries (see below).  From the start of revalidation in January through to August, processing of certificates takes between 2 and 3 weeks, with our aim being 2 weeks, ie. 10 working days.  

The reason certificates cannot be issued with a quicker turnaround is down to the volume of applications, e-mails and phone calls we receive during these months of the year; as well as checking and inputting any new data supplied, and the annual ‘housekeeping' we have to do on each application to make sure any new standard data or generic input changes have been applied.

In the majority of cases, a 2 week turnaround is just fine; but as you are probably aware, we do offer a ‘fast track' service with the Expedited Processing Fee, which doubles the normal application fee and guarantees processing within 5 working days.   However, requests to issue a certificate by return, without good reason, is not fair on owners who applied in good time and get pushed back down the list; it also increases the risk of omissions or errors being made on certificates.

Things you can do to help us to help you:

  • When planning your racing year or entering events, put the application for the rating certificate near the top of your ‘to do' list!  
  • If you have not received your rating 3 or 4 days before your race or rating deadline, please get in touch with us.  Please do not leave it until the evening (or hour!) before your race starts!
  • If your last certificate was Endorsed and you need to keep that status, remember that any changes to data will need to be measured/verified by an approved measurer or sailmaker.  Contact the Rating Office to check requirements for GBR boats (overseas boats need to talk to their Rule Authority).
  • GBR owners only:  Apply and pay through our MyIRC online system via - not only is this more efficient, but more importantly it saves you money!

There are various things that may hold up an application:

  • An incomplete application form.  Remember that even for designs where we have standard hull data, we still need all the rig and sail data.  (This does not apply to classes which can use the One-Design application form).
  • Queries on the data or other details, where we need to revert to the owner, sailmaker or designer for clarification; this often applies in the case of Endorsed certificates as mentioned above.
  • Where a boat is being weighed or measured and we are holding the application until it is completed. We generally advise sending the application in advance rather than waiting until the measurement has been done, in case there are any other queries and so that it gets onto the job list.
  • Issues with payment.  Certificates are not issued until payment for the application, and measurement if applicable, has been received.  We recommend using the MyIRC online application system.

We are here to help, so if you have a technical query or are in doubt about anything, please just ask! 

You can contact us by e-mail or call us on 01590 677030.

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