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Articles by James Dadd

July 2017 - "Isn’t that the idea of a “One Design” that you design it once and build it multiple times? But in reality, to create a successful one design, or manufacturer controlled class, takes a completely different approach than just producing a nice boat."

May 2017 - "It is great to stand back from the coal face in any walk in life where you get fully immersed and look around.. One thing that I seem to keep seeing is sailors getting upset about the rating options and directions. In the ideal world the rating system should be virtually invisible, so why in this era of higher understanding of what makes a boat work are we hearing more arguments than before?"

Mar 2017 - "The start of a new year always seems to be the time to reflect on the past 12 months and those before it. This year mark the 20th time I have seen the New Year in looking from the RORC Rating Office windows, although I have changed views a few times before getting the corner office." Looking back on how things have changed..

Jan 2017  - "The Rolex Middle Sea Race again gives us a great finale to the Northern Hemisphere summer. This time around I feel it must also hammer that final nail home in the discussion about whether a single number rating system can cope with a wide range of boat types and conditions."

Nov 2016 -  "This month I sit in the back office at the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda to write this article, preparing for the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup... The recognition that good data in, means good data out seems fully appreciated. Complaints about data have dropped away almost completely, and complaints about IRC ratings have also gone."

Sept 2016 - Transparency can mean many different things.

July 2016 - "Over the years there have been many rating rules..  the vast majority rely on a single number scoring system but several have tried multiple number systems; there have been some dramatic failures, and also some interesting successes." A comparison of single v. multiple number scoring systemss

May 2016 - "Rob (Weiland) is not alone in assuming that IRC caters better for the fast 40+ fleet and sports boats than for the majority of the cruiser racer fleet. However, I suspect if you ask the Ker 40 owner or Farr 280 owner that question they will say the opposite.. [and] in reality the vast majority of racing is in the cruiser racer fleet."

Mar 2016 - "..When exciting events like the RORC Caribbean 600 or Rolex Sydney to Hobart race are being discussed, it is the Comanche and Rambler 88 images that come to the forefront of your mind when considering the IRC fleet. But this is a tiny percentage of the IRC fleet, and does not represent the vast majority of production cruiser racer that have considerable success all over the World racing under IRC..."

Feb 2016     "..I do believe that we do finally have a class evolving that could be worthy of another great trophy of that age – the One Ton Cup. In the autumn of 2015 a group of owners gathered in the Solent area and agreed on the creation of the Fast 40+ class along the same lines as the successful Maxi 72 class..."





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