IRC 2020 application is now open in MyIRC.   Please note the following information:


Following the rule changes for 2020, we need all boats to confirm the pole type(s) that are carried when racing. You will be asked this question at revalidation if you held a previous certificate. 

Those boats previously rated with a spinnaker and either ‘no spinnaker pole or bowsprit’ or ‘bowsprit only’ who have declared that they use a whisker pole will see an increase in their TCC for 2020.  The rating effect will depend on the specific configuration of the boat, and will be the same as the previous effect for adding a spinnaker pole.

The use of poles set to leeward to act as struts for the sheeting of headsails is becoming more common, both with boats rated for headsail only and boats rated with spinnakers, who can use a whisker pole provided a spinnaker is not set. Due to current lack of clarity provided by the current Racing Rules & ERS the IRC Rules and definitions to clarify that the current configurations are permitted with an impact to TCC.

IRC Rules now read:
21.3.5 Boats will be rated according to whether they use a spinnaker pole, whisker pole and/or a bowsprit according to the following configurations:
(a) No spinnaker pole (spinnaker tacked on deck) or a centre line bowsprit only.
(b) An articulating bowsprit only.
(c) Spinnaker pole(s) and/or whisker pole(s) either with or without a bowsprit.

Whisker Pole - A spar attached to the mast spar to set a headsail. ERS F.1.4(d)(ii) does not apply.

VARIABLE BALLAST (eg. water ballast)

The IRC technical committee have updated the variable ballast formulation and also the rules around variable and moveable ballast configurations. Variable ballast volume must be declared and, if available, the maximum list angle. See IRC 2020 Rule 22.3.


Note the new definition:  Bulb Weight - The weight of the Bulb and any part of the Keel below the upper surface of the bulb (including connection plates, under-fin spacers and infills).



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