Q. What is an Endorsed IRC certificate?
A. An Endorsed certificate is one that the Rating Office has checked in terms of the validity of the data presented by the owner. Its purpose is to increase the accuracy generally of IRC TCCs, particularly for those yachts entering major races or regattas. Designs that are rated as "one-designs" under IRC will have their certificates automatically endorsed.

Q. Do I need an Endorsed certificate?
A. This depends on the racing you will be doing. IRC Endorsement is not mandatory under IRC Rules. However, clubs may insist for their races/regattas that yachts hold an Endorsed certificate. Check with the organising club of the races or regattas that you want to enter and ask them whether they will require your IRC certificate to be Endorsed.

Q. What does it cost?
A.  Measurement and weighing fees for yachts in the UK are based on LH and are shown in the IRC yearbook and on this site (see the Fees link from the Ocean Safety IRC page).  Please note that all costs must be paid before a certificate is issued.

Q. What is involved in getting an Endorsed certificate?
A. The Rating Office may require your yacht to be measured by a RORC approved measurer and/or weighed on an approved loadcell (in the UK this is usually one of the official loadcells kept at the Rating Office). If your yacht holds, or has previously held, an ORC certificate, the amount of measurement will be minimal.. The most common measurements required are bow and stern overhangs and rig/sail measurements. Sail measurements may be measured by an IHC sailmaker, which may be more convenient for you. We may ask for the boat to be weighed, but often we will give you the option of accepting a "light" weight instead.

Q. I do need Endorsement, what do I do next?
A. If you are sending an application form or revalidation form to us, tell us that you require an Endorsed certificate  If you already have a current certificate, call us or send an e-mail asking what would be required to get the certificate Endorsed. We will look through your yacht’s file and let you know if we require measurements / weighing to be taken.



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