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"How do I get a rating for this year, or next year?"
The notes below explain for those in GBR waters. Those outside this area should contact their local representative ('Rule Authority') for IRC ratings. If there is no Rule Authority for your area, please contact us and we can advise you.

All rating certificates (except those rated to the 'Southern' certificate year) are valid until 31st December of the year of issue. Ratings therefore need to be renewed ("revalidated") each year if you wish to race, this is because the program is developed and changed each year.  You can send your application at any time of year, but please allow enough time before your race to avoid disappointment.

If you have a completed new application form you may send this to us at any time. Please include your fee with the application, remember that VAT at the current rate must be added if payment is being made by a UK company or association of any kind. We offer a 50% discount on the published fees for certificate issued from 1st October.

If at the end of the year you want to apply for a rating for the following year year please note that the IRC application form may be changed slightly from year to year and you will need to use the new one. This is usually published on this website just before Christmas, together with the new fees etc.

Click on the title link above for the current forms and associated information.

Revalidation (renewal) of your certificate.
An IRC yearbook for the new season will be sent to every owner who holds a current IRC certificate, together with a separate form inviting you to revalidate the certificate for the following year. These are sent out during the first week of January (to avoid the Christmas post!). PLEASE NOTE ! the revalidation form will be loose in the envelope with the address showing in the window - please don't throw it away with the envelope!

Any change of address or ownership not advised to us before the beginning of December may not be taken into account, so please let us know any change of address as soon as possible so we can update our database.

If the certificate has lapsed by just one year, you can still revalidate it simply.

Trial certificates
We regret that we cannot run IRC trial certificates on the new programs until the boat holds a valid current certificate. If you apply for a trial certificate at the same time as revalidating or applying for the first time, we will run it at the same time.
For how long are certifcates valid?
IRC certificates are renewed annually, and are valid until 31st December in the Northern Hemisphere and 31st May in the Southern Hemisphere, irrespective of when the application is received. We offer a discount for revalidations, new applications and re-registrations received during the last 3 months of the certificate year.
How long do they take to process?
Once all the information is received, processing can take anything between 14-21 days depending on the time of year - between January and August it gets very busy as you can imagine!  We do offer an Expedited ('fast-track') service which guarantees your certificate back within 5 working days, please request this when you apply.
How much does it cost?
Applications are charged according to the length of the boat, see here for IRC rating and measurement fees.  Rule Authorities will charge fees in their local currency, please talk to them for specific details.   GBR owners can save money by paying online through MyIRC, but note that for anything other than annual revalidation you will need the right form completed and ready to attach.

How do I get a copy of the IRC Yearbook?
The IRC Yearbook includes the Rules and other useful information. A copy is automatically sent to every boat that held a certificate the previous year. If you are overseas please ask your local IRC authority for a copy (GBR boats, drop an e-mail to ). It is also available online, see the link on our homepage.

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