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 IRC 'Design Trials'

RORC Rating Office policy on charges

As well as trial certificates which can be run for a currently rated boat, we also offer trial certificates for new boats and designs.

Please note our policy regarding these:

1. For designs (including one-offs) that are still on the drawing board, ie. not built or in-build, and none on the water, we will charge the "design trial" fee ie. half the normal application fee. As soon as a boat to that design is built then that boat must make a full application.

2. For existing boats or designs ie. there are boats to the design built, where a trial is required by an owner/agent/designer for the design rather than for a specific boat, the full application fee will apply. Specific boats must make a full normal application.

The limit on the number of trials that may be run in one certificate year remain the same - 6 trials in total, only 3 of which may involve the hull, keel or rudder.

If you would like advice for your specific circumstances, please contact us.

RORC Rating Office