IRC Single Event Rating (SER)

IRC Single Event Ratings are available for occasional racers, for IRC classes at the following events ONLY:

Do you only want to compete in one or two of these listed events this year using IRC? Then the IRC SER may be suitable for you.

What is it?

A Single Event Rating (SER) is designed for owners of boats of 22m or smaller, who may be thinking twice about getting an IRC certificate because they only wish to do one or two events a year; perhaps a one day event such as the Round the Island Race, or an annual regatta week or one or two of the IRC Championships (note it is not available to boats wishing to do a series over several weekends).

You will receive a certificate showing the measurements, the TCC (rating) and the dates that for which it is valid. We issue SERs no earlier than approximately one month before the relevant event.

What is required, and is an IRC SER compatible with normal IRC ratings?

The information needed to calculate the SER is exactly the same as for a normal IRC application (it uses the same application details) and the TCC is totally compatible with other IRC TCCs.

How much does it cost?

The SER fee a combination of a fee per metre hull length + a fee per day.  Please refer to the current fees in Owner Resources.

It sounds good. Is it right for me?


  • If you only want to do one or two IRC races or events a year, and these have been approved to accept SERs
  • Your boat is no longer than 22m Hull Length
  • You accept the limitations as explained in the Conditions of Issue and Use
  • You do not hold a current, valid IRC certificate


  • If you want to do more than two IRC races or events a year, or if the events you want to do have not been approved to accept SERs
  • If you need an Endorsed (measured) certificate
  • Your boat is longer than 22m Hull Length
  • If you want to run trial certificates and optimise your rating, or hold a Secondary certificate


APPLY for SERs, either a new application, RENEW or UPGRADE to a full IRC rating, through MyIRC with a secure online payment.

If your boat previously held an SER or Limited Validity rating you can upgrade to a full IRC certificate and save on the normal revalidation fee.

Please note that SERs will not usually be issued until approximately 1 month before the event