Frequently Asked Questions

Please note: Your MyIRC account is completely separate from any other RORC website account you may have and is only valid for the MyIRC application on

1. What should I do if I forget my username and password?

Your Username and Password are confirmed in the activation email you receive when you first set up the account, please check your emails to find the information and keep this information safe for future use.

If you have lost your Password please use the 'lost password' button on the login page.

If you have lost your Username, please contact the Rating Office.

2. What should I do if I do not receive a validation email?

You should receive an email shortly after creating your user account but sometimes this can take several hours depending on your email provider. If you have not received an email first check your spam filter as they often get misdirected there. If you still have not received one please email the Rating Office with your username and we will manually approve your account.

Remember to keep the activation email as it includes a record of your Username and Password.

3. I have failed to log in 3 times and it will not let me try again. What should I do?

First, click on the ‘logout' button to the top right hand side of the screen. This will reset it so that you can try again. Then make sure you have clicked the activation link that you have received by email and double check that the user details that you are entering are correct (please note that usernames and passwords are case sensitive). If you still cannot log in please contact the rating office.

4. I can't see any option to revalidate, what do I do?

To be able to revalidate you first need to link your boat to your MyIRC account. To do this you need to click on the ‘add a boat' option on the front page of MyIRC. This will ask for your certificate number and post code (as shown on the last valid certificate) so that it can find your boat in the database. Once you have added your boat to your account you will be able to revalidate it from the front page.  

5.  I have entered my details but the system cannot find my boat.

First make sure you are entering the certificate number and not your sail number. Then make sure you have removed the GBR  prefix from the certificate number, and that the post code appears exactly as it is written on the last certificate. Please remember that you can only revalidate boats rated in the last two years; boats last rated 3 years ago or more must fill in a new application form to ensure we have all the correct data.  

If your boat was rated before but the system cannot find it, please contact the Rating Office.

6. I am the new owner of a boat rated last year. How do I revalidate?

If you are the new owner of a boat rated in the last two years you can revalidate through MyIRC provided that you have the certificate number and post code that was on the last certificate. This should be available from the previous owner.   If the previous owner had the boat linked to their MyIRC account it will need to be removed, please ask them to do this, or contact the Rating Office.

7. How do I revalidate my shorthanded certificate?

Due to the way that the IRC database works your shorthanded certificate will have a different certificate number to your primary certificate. This means to revalidate your shorthanded certificate you first need to add your boat to your account again using your shorthanded certificate number. Once you have done this you can revalidate in the same way as with your primary certificate.

8. Can my Sailmaker apply for trials online on my behalf?

To make it possible for your Sailmaker to apply for a trial on your behalf through the website you first need to add them as a ‘restricted user'. To do this you will need their email address. Once you have added them as a restricted user and their account has been activated they will be able to log on and request trials. You can remove restricted users from your account by clicking the delete option next to their name.

9.  I have entered my details into all of the fields marked with an asterix but it is telling me that I haven't.

If you are using browser Firefox currently some fields may appear misaligned. If the system is claiming that you have not entered your details into all the required fields please fill in any remaining blank fields with a full stop. This should resolve the problem.

10.  I have a problem with MyIRC that is not covered here, how do I contact you?

Please email us at  or call 01590 677030.   Please make sure you include your name, your boat's name and your user name (if you have already registered) in your email.

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