Innovative RYA YTC boosts club level yacht racing

RYA YTC photo April 2024

RYA YTC powered by the RORC Rating Office is helping more boat owners to get on the water racing and supporting participation at clubs across the UK.

Launched in 2023, the simple and free rating system aims to support entry level engagement in racing by cruising yachts and cruiser-racers.

Using key boat measurements to calculate a rating, RYA YTC powered by the RORC Rating Office is growing thanks to its accessibility and ability to provide competitive racing for a wide variety of yachts.

Dr Jason Smithwick, Director of Rating, RORC Rating Office, said: “RYA YTC has had a remarkable start to 2024 with 963 boats already holding valid 2024 certificates and a further 60 pending applications, and the UK sailing season has barely begun.

“The RYA YTC rating system is funded by the RYA using the expertise and years of experience of the RORC Rating Office to develop and administer the system. This partnership has seen exponential growth and great interest from clubs, with RYA YTC proving successful at developing grass roots keelboat and yacht club racing.”

Read the full press release including RYA YTC’s improved formula, new application system with innovative features, and a useful pursuit race calculator.

RYA YTC application