IRC Classes: close rating and close racing

RC1000 fleet 2022. Image Paul Gibbins. Instagram @paulgibbinsphotographyRC1000 fleet 2022. Image Paul Gibbins. Instagram @paulgibbinsphotography

Several classes around the UK are using IRC rating to form a close-rating fleet and this has proved very popular with tight racing and quality events. Within these classes similar boats race together, providing the best possible basis for close competition using IRC as the main rule with additional rules such as construction and displacement length ratio to keep the boats as similar as possible. Although IRC caters for a vast diversity of boat types and sizes to facilitate fair racing between different designs, it is the case in any rating rule that they can provide the closest racing in all conditions and courses when similar types of boats race together.

Read more about the various classes here (January 2023)  RC1000, RC900, HP 30, RC35, GP Zero, Performance 40

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