IRC Rating publishes valid boat data

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In a major move towards increased transparency IRC Rating is now publishing the valid boat data for all boats with an IRC certificate issued since 1st January 2024. This initiative marks a significant step forward in promoting fair sailing, openness and accountability within the sport; it will foster trust and confidence in the integrity of the IRC rated data and prevent misunderstandings or disputes regarding boats’ measurements, as all relevant data is openly accessible.

“We are proud to announce the publication of valid boat data, a pivotal milestone in our ongoing efforts to promote fairness and competitiveness in our sport,” said Jason Smithwick, Director of Rating. “This initiative underscores our dedication to transparency and accountability, ensuring that all participants have access to relevant information.”

The published valid boat data is easily accessible through the IRC Rating website, enabling sailors to review the rated information for their competitors, and allowing race organisers and equipment inspectors to benefit from more efficient access to boat data. The data is in the form of a PDF download for each boat showing the rated data along with an approximate image of the boat showing appendages and rig configuration and other relevant information, closely mirroring the IRC certificate page 2 that was introduced in 2023.

One of the founding policies of IRC, and one of its strengths, is that the IRC formula is not published. Keeping the formula confidential helps prevent designers and competitors from exploiting potential loopholes to gain an unfair advantage, preserves the integrity of the rating system and ensures that results are determined by sailors’ skill and performance rather than by strategic manipulation of boat ratings. It also substantially increases the competitive lifetime of IRC rated boats, contributing to sustainability within the sport of sailing. To protect this important feature of IRC in today’s powerful technological environment the rating itself is not published with the boat data; however, the rating is simultaneously available on the online valid rating listings. There is also still the option to purchase a full copy of the most recent certificate for a boat.

Valid boat data

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