RYA YTC Listings

Listing notes

Find Instructions:

  • To find a particular boat name or design or any other text the instructions are as follows:
  • Click on the  Edit  menu item and select  Find and replace
  • Type the text you wish to find in the Find box and click the Find button and click the Done button to return to the sheet.

Filtering Instructions:

  • To filter the YTC Listings by region, sailing, boat or any column the instructions are as follows:
  • Click on the  Data  menu and select  Filter views >  menu item followed by  Create new temporary filter view  menu item
  • To filter by a particular column then select the 3 lines in a V shape to the right of the column title and select the filter type (e.g. Sort A to Z).
  • For example to filter by a particular club select the four lines in a V shape then  Filter by values  select  Clear  and then type the name of your club in the search box and select the check box by that club name.
  • To clear a filter select  Data  menu and select  Filter views >  followed by  None

Download Instructions:

  • To download the listing or your filtered view the instructions are as follows:
  • Click on the  File  menu item and select the  Download >  menu item followed by the file type (e.g. Comma-separated values *.csv).
  • This can then be used to do your own data manipulation or import into scoring programs etc.

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